Hello dear friends,

This is a story how Like a therapy was born.

To be honest, for a brief moment I thought, who cares how we started? What really matters should be our work and how we make a difference. However, as time passed, I realized that the story of our beginning is part of the DNA of our brand and everything we do, and that’s why it is important for us to share it with you. After all, we are not a corporation that launched yet another website… we are regular people in search for a better life that feels more “ours!”

SO here we go…

People behind Like a therapy:

Borko! He is our IT magician, and the person that knows all the answers to “How can I do this on web”. He is a father of two beautiful children, a husband, a brother, a friend… he is a fighter and a big challenger to everything we do just to make sure that everything we do is done right.

Personally, I met Borko, a bit more than two years ago… He and Vlada had known each other for a while, and wanted to do something together, of course digitally.

Vlada, is my husband, my life guide, my high school sweetheart, and most importantly my friend for more than 20 years. He is a former professional handballer, and nowadays a successful lawyer. In the process of making Like a therapy, he became the man to contact If you wanted to know something regarding USA e-commerce tax sales.

And finally, there is me, my name is Marina, and Like a therapy, for sure is my Like a therapy! I was working in big corporations in different industries for more than 15 years. The main field of my attention was advertising, partnerships, and managing teams on big projects.

The three of us gathered around this project completely by chance. Vlada and Borko started developing their project, but every now and then I helped, and step by step we became a great team of three. This great co-creative energy we shared pushed us to make some big changes in our lives, and try to transfer our jobs completely to the private sector. 

SO Like a therapy… came to me one day out of the blue… sitting in a lockdown back at my parents’ house (after 20 years of not living there) with Vlada and our two small children… I was stressed out, and hated the idea of leaving our apartment, our life, for who knew how long… I was so furious because of all these changes, that I barely spoke with anyone… but life goes on, and situations like these are giving us the most wonderful knowledge and awakening potentials. I had to find a way to cool off, and had to force myself to try and find the enjoyment in these new circumstances. So, I started finding these little everyday moments that made me relax, made me come back to myself, to be calm, and to find a way to happiness. I started with a hot bath, candlelight, a glass of wine and some relaxing music. Not bad 😊 A day later, I realized how nice it is not to rush right into work in the morning, but instead I could enjoy my morning coffee. I became aware of all the moments in the “working day” that I actually spent with my children, I saw them playing in the garden, stress free, playing on the sun, far away from the city noise. I started cooking… cooking all kind of recipes, even those for which I needed hours to prepare. Recipes from my grandmother, but also all kind of international kitchen specialties, and in a blink of an eye two and half months passed and I was a new woman.

I realized how much I missed nature, slow living life, how much I missed spending time with my children and how fast they were growing… I realized I could live a different life, and I decided I would… and that is how Like a therapy was born! Because everything that I did in these two and a half months was an awakening of my true joy... It really felt just like a therapy from hectic everyday life in a big city full of temptations and chases from one side to another, where you forget just to be calm. You forget to enjoy as they say in Italian “dolce far niente”. You always rush into something new, something trending now, and always with that sensation of missing out on something that makes you feel nauseous.

During this lockdown, I started saying daily “This is like a therapy”, and every time I’d say it, it would make me even more aware of how fulfilling that certain moment was. I was using it so often that my friends and family started using the same phrase, and for some reason they started sending me photos of their Like a therapy moments… and that was it …Like a therapy was born, and opened a new chapter In our lives.

And if you ask us why we exist? We exist to inspire you. To make you stop for a second and think about YOU! YES ...think about YOURSELF!

In this crazy life do you take time to enjoy your own life? Are you aware of all those little everyday moments that actually fulfill your heart and soul?

We want to remind you to stop and enjoy them!

Like a morning coffee, or a late cup of tea. The smile of your child or a walk with your dog. An early run, or a late drink with friends.

So, what is your Like a therapy? I’d love to hear about it!